Welcome to Our School

Letter from our Director

Welcome to Engage Independent School, a private bilingual school for pupils from 1 to 18 years old.

At Engage, you will find a first class educational project and a team of dedicated teachers in constant professional development with common objectives: the wellbeing of our pupils and the excellent quality of their learning. 

I am a very experienced International School Leader and I have enjoyed this exciting profession for 30 years; first, as a teacher and, since 2001, as a Director of bilingual, British and International Baccalaureate schools. I hope that my experience and expertise will help to further enrich and lead this great team of professional teachers well.

In the world of education, we say that we develop people with real life skills for an ever-changing world. In the same way, we have to adapt to the needs of our students on their way to adulthood and ensure that they acquire those crucial skills and competencies that will strengthen them and enable them to face and overcome the challenges of each stage in their personal and emotional development.

Our educational project is based on active, practical and global learning methodologies, the use of English as a vehicular language to work in different areas of knowledge, new technologies with subjects such as programming, robotics or design thinking... but, above all, our priority is to meet the needs of each pupil as an individual and to create an environment where they can learn at their own pace and feel safe and loved in our educational community.

I hope students, staff and families, we will enjoy wonderful experiences together that will continue to shape the success history of this school.

Remedios López

School Director

The Engage Independent School is a part of International Education Partnership

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