Welcome to Our School

Letter From the Director

Welcome to Engage Independent School, a private bilingual school with more than 30 years of experience and currently growing under the educational group IEP (International Education Partnership), a subsidiary in Spain of one of the most important educational groups in Sweden.

Convinced that there is no learning without emotion and  the importance of acquiring meaningful learning, we work from a constructivist and transdisciplinary approach to Neuroeducation, which includes the confluence of current knowledge and scientific evidence from Psychology, Pedagogy and Neuroscience. 

For this reason, our educational project is based around both Emotional and Social Education, with the ultimate aim of ensuring that our students are emotionally autonomous and responsible, that they are not indifferent to the suffering of others and that they feel committed to building a more dignified and just world for all.

Hence the importance of working with through the development of critical thinking, which allows them to form their own identity, choose their vocation with freedom and responsibility, face uncertainty, resolve conflicts peacefully, identify and express their emotions, with assertiveness and empathy, learn teamwork and communication skills. The development of all these "soft skills" for life and education in values are define the identity of our educational project.

To this end, we have a magnificent teaching and non-teaching team, committed to the project and to our shared task with the families of creating an open, participative and involved educational community with the same common objective: the emotional well-being and integral development of the students.

From there arises our desire to be a “School of Life”, offering secure attachment styles, love and freedom alongside responsibility and security to our students.

We enjoy the process of learning together, building and recreating our educational project in constant evolution.

We take on the challenge with enthusiasm, commitment and responsibility.

We are grateful for the trust placed by families in our teaching team and our educational project to accompany the learning process and personal growth of their children, our students.

We invite you to get to know us, browse through the information on this website and visit our School, where we will be delighted to welcome you and share our school.

Marta del Pozo Jiménez

Director of Engage Independent School

The Engage Independent School is a part of International Education Partnership

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