Home Food

At Engage we have our own kitchen where we prepare daily homemade and balanced menus, subject to nutritional control. We avoid fried food and opt for healthier dishes, giving special importance to quality proteins and fresh vegetables, which are present in different dishes every day. 

We adapt our menus for those students who suffer from any allergy or intolerance, and our staff is properly trained in the preparation and handling of these foods to avoid cross contamination.

Lorenzo, our chef, and his team have been with us for over 30 years and are a fundamental part of the Engage family.

Psychopedagogy and Coaching

At Engage Independent School the emotional well-being of our students is just as important as their academic development. All our teaching staff is trained in educational coaching, and each student is assigned a coach who will accompany them throughout their school life with us and will oversee their integral development. The coach is also the permanent interlocutor between the school and the family.

We have two specialist psychologists who work in the areas of guidance, school support and conflict resolution, as well as supervising the coaching activities. Both on an individual level and in group coaching sessions we work on self-knowledge, emotion management, resilience and other skills that promote the emotional well-being and personal development of our students.

Early Birds and Extended Hours

To facilitate the conciliation of family and work life of our families we offer an early bird service for students who need to arrive before the start of classes at the school. This service starts at 7:30 am and our own staff is in charge of receiving and accompanying our students until 9:00 am when school starts.

There is also the option of extending the timetable in the afternoon, until 6:30pm.

Extracurricular Activities

In order to help our students explore different interests and abilities, and develop their full potential, we offer a varied selection of extracurricular activities. They are developed by specialized staff and are taught during the lunchtime (after lunch) or afternoon (from 5.10 pm).
Our extracurricular activities include different sports, artistic or cognitive disciplines, among which are: Judo, Indoor Soccer, Rhythmic Gymnastics, Coreokids, Chess, Theatre, Roller Hockey.

Nurse Service

We have a nurse during the school day. This service not only covers medical emergencies that may arise on a daily basis, but is a fundamental pillar in the school community as a whole and attends; academic, emotional and social aspects of school life.

In addition to intervening in the first instance in the event of minor incidents, it provides treatment for children with chronic or specific illnesses, and attends to and supports students with other pathologies (allergies, diabetes, asthma, etc.). The service also carries out preventive work and health education for students and teachers.

The nursing service is also fundamental in the application of the protocols for action in the face of emergencies or current or future epidemiological alerts, including the protocols for Covid-19.






The Engage Independent School is a part of International Education Partnership

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