Frequently Asked Questions

When can I enrol my son/daughter?

Enrolment can be carried out at the start and during the academic year. As a private school we have flexibility when enrolling candidates.

What steps should I take when completing an application?

The first step is to visit our online service via the web page. An appointment can be made with our School’s admissions officer Belén Garrido, who will be happy to parent with whatever question or issue you may have.

An online application form can be had in order to facilitate the written process.
Once the confirmation of place has been received, we will then proceed to acquire related educational data in order to complete the registration process.

What are the school’s hours?

The normal school day commences at 9.00am and finishes at 17.00pm, although we offer extender hours service if needed.

How is bilingual education objective met?

Our central philosophy is based on the acquisition of language in a natural way, just as we acquire our mother tongue. We do not teach English, we teach in English. From Baby Bears (1st cycle of Infant School) to the first years of Primary School, our teachers use this language as a means of communication about 70% of the time.

By the end of Primary our students are already bilingual, and during ESO and Bachillerato we maintain the level of English using this language in the teaching of different subjects.

What level would the students have under the Common European Framework?

Our students will qualify being externally moderated, reaching B2 or C1.

Is there a dining room service offered?

Engage Independent School offers a full weekly and varied menu which guarantees the nutritional qualities of a Mediterranean balanced diet and one which aims to please and meet the expectations of our diners.

What are the extracurricular activities?

We offer a varied selection of activities designed to cover a large number of needs and interests, developed by specialized staff and taught in non-school hours of noon (after lunch) or afternoon (from 17.10h). Some examples of our extracurricular activities are Indoor football, judo, rhythmic gymnastics, chess, theatre or roller hockey.

Is there a school Ombudsperson should I not agree with a school decision?

Click the link to read the letter






The Engage Independent School is a part of International Education Partnership

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