With a privileged location in the centre of Majadahonda, EIS has 12,000 square metres at the disposal of our students, with spaces equipped and adapted for the development of different activities: library; laboratories; computers labs, visual arts, performing arts and technology; exhibition hall, etc. Our sports facilities are very varied and in addition to the practice of classic sports, such as football or basketball, they allow the practice of sports such as climbing, thanks to our two climbing walls (outdoor and indoor); or skating, with its own skateboarding track. We have two sports courts for multisports (figure skating, roller hockey, football, basketball, etc.); gymnasium with wellness space and tatami. We have a music room that includes individual soundproofed rehearsal booths and multiple musical instruments that cover different specialties: piano, percussion, classical and electric guitar, wind, etc. For our students in Early Years and first years of Primary there are playgrounds and play areas differentiated and adapted to their needs. We have also equipped ourselves with all the technological resources necessary for the development of the specific contents of our Engage method: PC and MAC classrooms, virtual driving simulator, virtual reality classroom and a maker space with 3D printers and another series of tools for the creation of prototypes of different projects.






The Engage Independent School is a part of International Education Partnership

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