Distance Learning

At Engage Independent School, we recognise that the goal of online teaching and learning is not to try to recreate face-to-face classrooms, but to provide opportunities for our learners to embark on an interactive learning journey, where they work more independently, beyond the classroom, and learn to use tools and strategies that prepare them for the world of tomorrow.  

By carefully selecting age-appropriate virtual learning environments, our students are given the opportunity to attend synchronous classes, complete online tasks and assignments, and receive the same top quality education they do in our physical classroom environments, in addition to maintaining contact with their teachers and classmates. Google Classroom and digital platforms such as Moodle provide structured virtual learning environments tailored to the needs of our students, who in addition to attending virtual classes, can share content, correct assignments and exercises and work in groups.

We strongly believe that giving our students the opportunity to learn online in our tailor-made virtual courses supports and encourages them to become lifelong learners and prepares them for the world outside of our school gates.

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The Engage Independent School is a part of International Education Partnership

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