Final Stage: 3º ESO to 2º Bachillerato

1º and 2º Bachillerato make up the last two years of the Final Stage of learning at Engage.

By the time our students reach 1º Bachillerato they are very well prepared to engage with the curriculum demands and achieve standards of academic excellence.

All our students take the EvAU with excellent results. In 2019, three Engage students were among the top 100 results in the Comunidad de Madrid. Our graduates have received scholarships to top universities.

As well as the academic curriculum, our students take part in workshops and visits to universities, research centres and cultural sites. They explore different options and possibilities for their future that their all-round development at Engage has prepared them for.

The Personal Development and Mentoring programmes continue throughout Bachillerato, giving students the personal and practical support to make decisions about their next steps towards higher education and employment.

Engage students continue to develop their social responsibility through charitable activities and fund raising.

The Engage Independent School is a part of International Education Partnership

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